Chapter 364 Was It That Simple?

When she heard Gu Chi’s name, Cheng Kexin’s expression turned sour. Her voice became cold when she spoke, "I stopped contacting him a long time ago. Why are you asking me that?"

“I just never thought that you guys would break up. Regarding that, can you tell me what happened?”

“Why do you want to know about that?” Cheng Kexin moved away slightly, her eyes showing traces of caution and vigilance when she questioned him. Could it be that Gu Yihan had not invited her out for a simple walk? Did he have ulterior motives?

Moreover, why was he asking about what had happened back then? Did he find out about Buddy? Even though he was not on the best terms with Gu Chi, he was still part of the Gu family. Could it be…?

She started to worry. It was not that she was sensitive, but she just could not help but feel nervous about anything that had to do with Buddy.

When he saw Cheng Kexin’s shift in attitude, Gu Yihan was hurt. Was there no trust between them at all? He had just brought up the qu
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