Chapter 436 Someone’s Finally Here

Although filled with immediate joy, Gu Chi could not help but wonder as he stared at the lone figure. Why was Qiu Yue alone? Where was Ke Xin?

“Qiu Yue!” Gu Chi called out as he stepped forward. “Why are you alone here? Didn’t Kexin come out together with you? Where is she?”

Qiu Yue quickly turned around at the sudden sound. When she saw that it was Gu Chi, she began to panic. How did he find them here?

Standing up hastily from the rock, Qiu Yue was unable to conceal the frantic look on her face. “Gu… President Gu, how did you get here?”

Gu Chi’s vigilance instantly heightened when he noticed Qiu Yue’s reaction. When he spoke, his tone was stern and sharp, “Didn’t you leave with Kexin? Where is she now?”

“I… I don’t know,” Qiu Yue replied as she quickly searched for excuses in her mind. “Both of us… She got lost… That’s why I’m here waiting for her. I don’t know where she has gone to.”

Worried that everyone would ask her where Cheng Kexin was when she returned to the campsite
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