Chapter 459 The Truth of the Kidnapping Case Back Then

Because Cheng Kexin had explained the plan had beforehand, Gu Chi was not too surprised when he saw the state Cheng Ruo’er's was in. However, Cheng Kexin's questioning shocked him.

"Kexin, what have you found?" Gu Chi asked with a serious expression. Was Cheng Ruo'er not also the victim of the kidnapping case back then? Why did Kexin ask that?

"It's not that I found something. It’s that when I had pretended to be unconscious just now, she let her guard down as she was overjoyed and then had said it herself. The kidnapping case that happened that time was entirely Gu Xiao’s and her plan."

After explaining this to Gu Chi, Cheng Kexin continued to question Cheng Ruo'er. "Earlier, you said that the kidnapping was committed in order to save the Cheng family. Now that you’re right in front of Gu Chi, explain why did you say that?"

"She's talking nonsense. This woman is talking nonsense, she just wants to push the blame onto me!" Cheng Ruo'er cried bitterly towards Gu Chi. "I never said a
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