You Are Brighter than the Sun
You Are Brighter than the Sun
Author: Liang Chen 
Chapter 1 Two Sisters Fighting Over a Man
T City. The second young lady of the Yin family was holding an open-air birthday party at the Tridecember Hotel but the air crackled with tension and it seemed like a fight was about to break out at any moment.

"Sis, how could you do this to me when I am your sister?" Yin Ruoyun was a picture of distress as she stared at Yin Xiaoxiao. Tears brimmed in her beautiful eyes and she struggled to hold them back. Her struggle to hold back her tears only made everyone else sympathize with her even more. "I know we're never close and you never liked me, so I didn't dare to speak to you often. But this doesn't mean that I don't love you! After all, you are my biological sister!"

The lovely woman who stood in front of Yin Ruoyun looked young, and her beautiful make-up couldn't hide the fact that her face had turned pale. Her arms hung limply at her sides and even though her fingers had curled into fists; she couldn't stop trembling.

Yin Ruoyun stumbled toward her and grabbed Yin Xiaoxiao's arms to stop herself from shaking. Her tears finally spilled down her cheeks and she looked so pitiful that everyone couldn't help but feel bad for her.

The crowd formed a semi-circle around the Yin family and they gossiped about the family scandal in hushed whispers.

"Sis, I didn't dare to compete with you for our parent's love or our elder brother's concern. I didn't even dare to compete with you for our younger brother's devotion. I've given you everything, so why can't you let me have something of my own? Sis..." Yin Ruoyun's tears fell even faster and her slender frame shook as her grip on Yin Xiaoxiao's arms tightened. "I'm begging you, please let my boyfriend go."

"Hey, don't you think the first young lady of the Yin family has gone too far? I can't believe she stole her sister's boyfriend! Does she not have even a shred of moral fiber?"

Those who had crowded around them started to gossip, heedless to the fact that Yin Xiaoxiao was right in front of them. They clearly meant for her to hear it.

"Exactly. I heard that Yin Ruoyun was about to get engaged to her boyfriend, so what was her sister thinking? Does she think she's all that just because she's the first young lady of the Yin family? She ought to know that there are two young masters in the Yin family!"

"I heard that the first young lady of the Yin family has loose morals and poor conduct. What kind of man would want to date someone like her? I can't believe she would shamelessly try to seduce her sister's fiancé. How utterly audacious of her!"

Yin Xiaoxiao heard every word they said and her arms ached with intense pain. She could clearly feel Yin Ruoyun's nails digging into her arms but could only stare blankly at the man who was remaining quiet in the corner.

That man was Xiang Chen, her boyfriend of four years who had left two days ago on the pretext of heading home to visit her ill sister. She had been shocked to see him at the banquet as her sister's fiancé.

Yin Xiaoxiao ignored Yin Ruoyun and wrested herself out of her sister's death grip. She endured the stinging pain in her arms as she walked toward Xiang Chen. She looked at up at him and there was a slight tremor in her voice as she asked softly, "Xiang Chen, let me ask you a question. Who is your girlfriend?"

Everyone around them sneered at her question but before the mocking laughter died down, a familiar figure suddenly rushed in front of her, pulled her around, and raised her hand up high!


The person's hand smacked across Yin Xiaoxiao's face with a loud slapping sound.

"Yin Xiaoxiao, you'd better behave yourself! Stop embarrassing us! Do you think your reputation isn't bad enough already?"
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