Chapter 156 She's Going to Kill Her!

Many years later, when Jing Liyuan walked alone back to Haimiao City, there were occasionally people who remembered that a girl had viciously cursed this lonely man that night.

However, Jing Liyuan didn't take her seriously at all. He just glanced at her indifferently and turned to leave.

Mu Shuang looked at Jing Liyuan's back with anger.

It was not until today when she realized that she had spent two years to accompany him. It turned out to be a devil who ate people without spitting out their bones!

Maybe Jing Liyuan had known from the very beginning that she was not that person, but he had brought her to this stage step by step! His evil nature is no worse than the old lady of the Jing family!

Mu Shuang turned around and left without a trace of nostalgia.

In the two years when she had been with Jing Liyuan, she had indeed been confused for a moment. She had also thought that she could just stay with Jing Liyuan, who was just a poor doctor at that time. However, Mu Yanran would
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