Chapter 185 Going on double dates

Yin Xiaoxiao got up and wanted to ask for leave with her phone, but when she got the phone, she found that her phone had been turned off. She immediately turned it on, but was frightened by the ringing phone.

The text messages kept coming in, reminding her that there were countless missed calls and unread messages.

Before she could even take a look, Yin Xiaoxiao's phone rang. It was Yin Zizhen.

"Hello? Brother..." Yin Xiaoxiao was stunned by the voice before she could finish her sentence.

It was very noisy on Yin Zizhen's side, so loud that she almost could not hear his voice, but soon it became quiet. Yin Zizhen asked, "Xiaoxiao, where are you?"

She turned on the TV and habitually got up in the morning to watch the news. Then, she went to open the closet and answered Yin Zizhen's question, but her hands paused because of the news on the TV. "I'm at home..."

____ "Master Jing, what's your relationship with Miss. Mu? Why did you come to pick her up so early in the morning?"

____ "
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