Chapter 29 This Is My Fiancée

After eating, the couple left because they were too busy to chat with Yin Xiaoxiao, and they only asked about some of her wedding requirements. Before leaving, Yu Jiahui took Yin Xiaoxiao to Jing Liyuan's room.

Standing at the door, Yin Xiaoxiao suddenly felt that her mouth was dry. Looking at the door in front of her, she seemed to see the cold expression of Jing Liyuan. She took a deep breath, opened the door, and stepped into Jing Liyuan's room.

Simple, stylish, and neat.

That was Yin Xiaoxiao's first impression of this room. What ensued was a sense of indifference and emptiness.

Perhaps it was because of Jing Liyuan's occupation that Yin Xiaoxiao felt that his room had the same coldness as in the hospital. Going over to Jing Liyuan's desk, Yin Xiaoxiao found that the bookshelf was full of books, which made her frown in curiosity.

It was not surprising that there were a large number of medical books covering many aspects. However, there were also many books related to stocks...
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