Chapter 67 Unparalleled Hatred for Her

Yin Xiaoxiao seemed to have fallen from 100,000 meters up in the sky, floating and unable to find the feeling of landing. Her brain was blank except for the figure of that person.

"Jing Liyuan...

"Jing Liyuan...

"He actually had such a relationship!"

She had never dared to think about why Jing Liyuan agreed so readily when she stepped forward to "propose". She had kept telling herself that Jing Liyuan had his reasons. Maybe the Jing family forced him to get married, maybe he wanted to say goodbye to being single, or maybe he was merely bored.

She had envisioned tens of thousands of reasons, but she had not expected it to be like this.

Did he ask the young lady of the Mu family to stay at the airport the second before? Did he take out the diamond ring to propose the second earlier? Did he think he was the happiest person in the world one second ago? But the next second, she gave up, refused, and left?

And when Yin Xiaoxiao appeared in front of him and said such ridiculous words,
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