Chapter 90 Frequent Accidents

Yin Xiaoxiao slept so soundly that when the phone rang, she made a disgruntled noise and Jing Liyuan quickly picked it up. His expression turned solemn when he heard the news.

Qi Kehan was going to refuse to give up until he was faced with the grim reality!

Yin Xiaoxiao was awakened from her sleep when he got out of bed, and when she found out what had happened to Gu Shuyao, she quickly got changed and followed him to Nanyu Hospital.

Yin Xiaoxiao and Jing Liyuan were very worried when they heard the sobbing sounds even before they reached the operating room.

Tang Yan immediately stumbled over, grabbed Jing Liyuan when she spotted him, and said, "Liyuan, could you ask about Shuyao's condition on my behalf? Please, just ask them. The doctors and nurses are ignoring us..."

Tang Yan had clearly been woken up from her sleep. She was not wearing any make-up and looked like she had aged 10 years in a short time. She clutched at Jing Liyuan as though he was the one performing the operatio
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