Chapter 199 Who Sent You Here?

At noon, Su Ziyue went to the Public Security Bureau to get her cash back.

She took the opportunity to ask again. The police's words were a little vague, so she was sure that it was Qin Muchen who had helped her.

She looked down at her purse, which contained the cash she had lost before.

She couldn't figure out what Qin Muchen was thinking.


Until she got off work, she had not decided whether to take the initiative to talk to Qin Muchen about this matter.

Before she could finish her work, she had been working overtime for more than an hour.

When she got out of the company building, it was already completely dark, and the street lights were all on.

The weather in winter was always unusually dark.

Su Ziyue tightened her clothes and walked out. When she looked up, she saw the man leaning against the car light and smoking.

Under the street lamp, she could see smoke coming out of his lips little by little and then dissipating.

She stopped in her tracks and her gaze fell on the
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