Chapter 204 It's Wrong to Kill Dogs!

"Why don't I wait a little longer? Boss, you can sleep for a while. You haven't slept all night." It was almost four o'clock, and it was dawn.

Nanchuan had said that out of good intentions because he was worried about Qin Muchen's health. As a result, after Qin Muchen said it, he threw him an unusually cold look.

Then, he said quietly, "Do you need to guard my wife?"

Nanchuan laughed in his heart and thought, "Of course I don't need."

However, he only dared to say such words in his heart.

He still had a smile on his face. "Boss, do you need anything? I'll bring it back for you when I get back."

"Bring my computer over."



Su Ziyue didn't sleep well throughout the night.

She wanted to turn over, but there was always a force stopping her from turning over.

It was not until dawn that she woke up.

As soon as she moved, Qin Muchen, who was lying next to her, said, "Don't move."

When she heard Qin Muchen's voice, she was stunned.

Over the past ten days, she hadn't hea
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