Chapter 242 To Meet a Very An Very Very Interesting Person

The room fell into a strange silence.

Qin Muchen's eyes flickered slightly. He pursed his thin lips and stared straight at Su Ziyue for a few seconds. Suddenly, he turned his gaze away and said, "I met someone very important."

Su Ziyue didn't even blink when she heard that. She asked in a cold voice, "Are you with Gu Hanyan?"

Faced with Su Ziyue's interrogation-like question, Qin Muchen frowned slightly and said lightly, "Yes."

"A whole day?"


As soon as Su Ziyue asked him one question, Qin Muchen answered.

The expression on his face was extremely honest. It seemed that no matter what she asked, he would choose to answer.

But she didn't ask any more questions. Why did she have to ask about the things that should be explained by himself?

Su Ziyue slowly clenched her fists. She believed that with Qin Muchen's meticulous thoughts, he would definitely know what she wanted to ask the most.

"Who did he meet with with Gu Hanyan? Was he a very important person? Was he the curre
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