Chapter 244 Su Ziyue, You're Very Talented

Inside the Jade Palace Hotel.

As the cups crossed, Qin Muchen was a little absent-minded.

There were several times when the old man asked him something, but he didn't hear it clearly.

In the end, the elder seemed to have noticed something and said, "If you don't feel well, then go back and rest first. You've worked hard for the past two days."

Hearing this, Qin Muchen immediately stood up and said, "Then I'll go back first."

After that, he picked up the coat hanging on the chair and walked out.

Gu Hanyan, who was sitting on the other side of the old man, saw this and said, "Grandfather, I'm going to see Muchen off."

"Yes." The old man leaned back and answered simply, without saying anything.

With his permission, Gu Hanyan got up and left.


Gu Hanyan hurried out and found that Qin Muchen had already arrived at the elevator entrance. He was in such a hurry that it was as if something terrible had happened.

A trace of bitterness flashed across her heart.

But soon, the bitte
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