Chapter 269 A Calm Needle

Su Ziyue's expression was even uglier and she looked pale. She slowly sat up and the nurse leaned against her pillow thoughtfully.

She reached out and touched her lower abdomen. After a long time, she finally reacted. She only shook her head and said, "How is that possible?"

Seeing her like this, the nurse sighed slightly in her heart.

The patients who could live in VIP wards were either rich or noble. However, when faced with such a thing, there was no difference between rich people and poor people. They were all in the same mood.

The nurse could not help but comfort her again. "You're still young. It's not a problem for you to get pregnant after you've recovered. Don't be too sad..."

The nurse comforted her. Seeing that she was still in a daze, she said, "How are you feeling now? Your family has just gone out. Why don't you watch TV for a while?"

The nurse was new here, and she was very enthusiastic about the patient. After that, she turned on the TV for her and put the remote
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