Chapter 321 You're The One I Care Most about

It was hard for Su Ziyue to imagine what had happened that drove Qin Muchen, a man who was so powerful that he was almost omnipotent, to the point of mental collapse.

Nanchuan's expression changed when he heard Su Ziyue's words.

He hesitated for a moment and said, "It's... about what happened that year."

"Back then?" Su Ziyue was a little confused. "What happened back then?"

Nanchuan looked embarrassed.

He also knew that it was not a good memory for Su Ziyue. If he could not mention it, he had better not mention it.

Nanchuan thought it over and said, "Let's wait for the boss to figure it out and tell you. This is between you and him. You need to talk about it by yourself. Besides, I must say something. Whether two years ago or two years later, the boss cares about you most. He would rather hurt himself than hurt you."

These words reached Su Ziyue's ears through someone else's mouth. This feeling was a little hard to describe.

Su Ziyue didn't want Nanchuan to be in a dilemma eit
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