Chapter 506 Getting along Well

This time, before Qin Yuchuan could lose his temper again, Qin Zheng, who had been standing quietly to the side, had already snapped angrily, "Miss Su, please mind your words."

Almost immediately, Su Ziyue raised her head slightly and looked at him. Her voice was extremely strict as she said, "Steward Qin, please pay attention to your identity. Moreover, I am Qin Muchen's legitimate wife. Please call me Mrs. Qin."

She knew that in J Country, in the Mogwin family, the concept of level was very serious.

She was Qin Muchen's wife. Even if Qin Zheng didn't admit it, she was still considered half a master. When she was talking to Qin Yuchuan, as a servant, Qin Zheng was not qualified to speak.

Although Qin Yuchuan did not like Su Ziyue, at a certain point in time, he had already helplessly acknowledged her identity. However, he was still unwilling to accept it. Hence, on the premise that he did not reject Su Ziyue calling him grandfather, he acquiesced in Qin Zheng calling her "Miss Su"
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