Chapter 716 Don't You Want to Step Out of the Door

Bai Yu’nan's gaze swept across Su Ziyue and Qin Muchen as if he hadn't noticed it.

Su Ziyue glanced at Bai Jingshu, who gave her a helpless look.

Just now, Bai Yu’nan called him and said that he had something to do with him. He said that he would have dinner in the Jade Palace Hotel and wait for him to go back. However, he didn't know that Bai Yu’nan would come directly.

The atmosphere in the banquet was a little weird.

In order not to make the atmosphere so awkward, Bai Jingshu deliberately found a topic to talk about.

However, Qin Muchen and Bai Yu’nan did not respond to his words. Su Ziyue did not have the mood to do so either. Only Anxia took his words.

Bai Jingshu also had a headache.

His eldest brother was probably crazy. Not to mention Qin Muchen, even he found that Bai Yu’nan kept looking at Su Ziyue.

He almost stuck his eyes on Su Ziyue.

However, Qin Muchen's expression did not change.

He finished his meal with fear and thought that he could be safe and sound. Sudden
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