Chapter 767 I'm Going to Put the Blame on Anxia!

Lu Qingyou chatted with Anxia for a while and then went to play with others excitedly.

Although Anxia was pulled over by her, she did not participate. She just watched from the side.

She was still thinking about what Lu Qingyou had said before.

She didn't expect that Bai Jingshu would be dumped by Shu Yanian.

Although it seemed that Bai Jingshu didn't have any special feelings for Shu Yanian, she knew what had happened from Lu Qingyou. She also felt that Shu Yanian might be different in Bai Jingshu's heart.

This idea made her feel a little depressed.

She drank two glasses of wine in low spirits, looked up at Shu Yanian and Bai Yeqi on the other side, and found that Shu Yanian was picking fruit for Bai Yeqi.

She picked up a fruit and turned to look at Bai Yeqi, as if she was asking him if he liked it.

There was always a faint smile on Bai Yeqi's face. He nodded and shook his head, and the love in his eyes did not seem to be a lie.

From another point of view, Shu Yanian was inde
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