Chapter 776 Something's Wrong with the Brain

Bai Jingshu looked like a rich playboy, but he was kind.

At first, she really hated him, but later, the more she knew him, the more she found that he had many advantages that others did not have.

Although he rarely expressed his feelings, she knew that she was very important to him.

She could only pray that Bai Yu’nan could control Bai Jingshu and not let him mess around.

Brother Kun answered the phone and went out with Little Five.

Only then did Anxia have time to look around the room.

The blood stains on the walls of the room had begun to fall off, mottled and worn out.

There was a window, but it was equipped with an anti- succeeded network.

Through the window, he could vaguely see the residential building outside. It should be an old community in Jing City.

She was not familiar with Jing City, so she could not figure out the general location at all.

Looking up at the wall, Anxia took a deep breath to calm herself down.

That Brother Kun didn't look simple. He was a bit sma
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