Chapter 808 There's a Similar Look

Bai Yeqi didn't want to listen to him, so he shouted at him, "Isn't the one who gets divorced safe and sound? I'm also divorced!"

"Can it be the same?" Bai Yu’nan was already tired, so he didn't want to talk to him anymore.

Moreover, he would leave early tomorrow to carry out his duties at the border, so he didn't have the mood to talk to Bai Yeqi in detail.

"I'm going to carry out a mission tomorrow. I don't have time to say much now. What kind of woman are you looking for? You're not a child, so you don't have to ask me. As for Qingyou, I'll thank you when I come back. That's it."

After finishing his words, Bai Yu’nan hung up the phone in a hurry. He was really in a hurry.

Bai Yeqi, on the other hand, stayed up all night.


The next day.

When Lu Qingyou got up, Su Yige was already making breakfast in the kitchen.

Next to her was a baby car. Su Yang was sleeping soundly with her little fists clenched. She looked very cute, which made Lu Qingyou very rare.

She leaned agains
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