Chapter 818 You're Back

Xi Luo was waiting for her at the entrance of the hospital.

It had been a long time since they last met. Lu Qingyou didn't expect to see Xi Luo in such a way.

Thinking of what had happened last time, Lu Qingyou still felt a little embarrassed.

She smiled and called out, "Mr. Xi."

Xi Luo still looked gentle. "You can call me Xi Luo. Your brother and I are friends. My mother and your mother are colleagues. You don't have to be so distant."

She felt that what Xi Luo said was reasonable and nodded. "Then you can call me Qingyou."

With a smile, the two of them went straight to the ward. They didn't talk much.

Lu Qinghan's condition was neither too light nor too serious.

There was a long cut on his big leg, which was so deep that the bones could be seen, but the bones were not hurt. There were still a lot of wounds on his body, and the smell of alcohol could not be hidden.

When he saw Lu Qingyou coming, he was stunned. He turned to look at Xi Luo and said with some dissatisfaction,
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