Chapter 3 A Swarm of Journalists Poured in

Su Ziyue looked at Qin Muchen in disbelief. She knew there was something wrong with the wine offered by Mu Ninghui. But how come his wine was also drugged?

Did they want to drug Qin Muchen, too?'

Last night she couldn't be more careful. But she felt dizzy and fainted out before she could manage to run far away when Young Master Mu ran after her with his helpers. What happened next was also a blur. Recalling all those things, she could not help feeling a splitting headache.

"You drank that wine willingly. I don't remember what happened next, either," Qin Muchen said with a cold face and somewhat of a questioning tone; it sounded like he was blaming her. He seemingly was not a talkative man.

Su Ziyue glared at him. ‘Was he blaming me for drinking his "roofie"? Well, if he was really that smart, how could he be drugged too?’ she sneered in mind.

" Knock, knock. "

The knocking on the door interrupted her mind. Qin Muchen went to open the door and came back quickly. He threw a bag to Su Ziyue and began to change his clothes before she realized what happened.

"Ah! Qin Muchen! Shame on you!" Su Ziyue immediately covered her eyes with the quilt.

Qin Muchen took a glance at her with his wondering eyes. ‘Outside, she seemed to be bold and brazen enough, yet inside, she was a conservative and shy girl.’ he thought in mind.

"If you don't put on your clothes right now, you'll know what shame is soon."

The moment he finished the sentence, the door burst open. A swarm of journalists poured in.

A shining light of the flash bulbs cast upon Su Ziyue’s pale face and the journalists couldn't wait to fire questions one after another, "Miss Su and Mr. Mu are…"

All the journalists lost their tongues when they realized that it wasn't Mu Ninghui in the room.

What's going on? Word had it that the second lady of the Su Clan spent a night with Young Master Mu in Jade Palace, hadn't it?

All the journalists were not familiar with this man, so they were sure that he was not a well-born personage. But he was really good looking; plus, considering the reputation of the second lady of the Su Clan, this also could be a big story.

"Miss Su, is this your new partner?"

"Sir, how much did Miss Su offer you to sleep with her?"


Su Ziyue was surrounded by the journalists; they shoved her with their cameras and embarrassed her with their insulting questions. Sitting on the bed, Su Ziyue felt overwhelmed by the sense of shame. She knew clearly that Su Yige was behind it. Her cousin made this plan to destroy her, to ruin her reputation, ultimately to expel her from the Su Clan.

"Miss Su, are you influenced by your jailed father to do… ?"

Su Ziyue opened her eyes wide in furious. Her eyes were scarlet red but without even one drop of tears.

At this moment, Qin Muchen, who stood out of the crowd, made big strides towards her as his eyes cooled down all of a sudden.

He grabbed one of these cameras and mercilessly threw it against the crowd. His face was grim, and he glared at these journalists as if they were nothing but dead meat, threatened, "All of you, get out!"

All the journalists were frightened by the powerful aura from Qin Muchen. And his scary eyes seemed to suggest that if someone didn't leave in ten seconds, he would probably get killed soon.

Within ten seconds, all the journalists were gone.

Su Ziyue, still with a pale face, finally came to her senses. She picked up the clothes Qin Muchen threw to her and dressed right away in front of him.

Well-dressed, she turned to get out of the bed. Unexpectedly, her legs went wobbly so that she nearly fell down to the ground; Qin Muchen reached out timely and steadied her.

Su Ziyue then looked up and met his face, a perfectly-sculpted face. He was much more handsome than all the other big shots she had ever met in Yunzhou City.

Most notably, he got a pair of eyes which were as distant and dark as a mountain in the shadow of the night, mysterious and dangerous...

She suddenly came to her senses and found that she was almost lost in his eyes. She pushed him away quickly, saying, "Thanks."

This was a little irony. She was expressing her gratitude to the man she lost her virginity to.

Then she picked up her bag and went into the bathroom to quickly organized herself well and put on some charming make-up. When she came out of the bathroom, she found that Qin Muchen still didn't leave.

She walked to the door, turned to look at him, and said in a cold face, "Out of this room, we are complete strangers even if we meet again."
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