Chapter 5 Who Will Be So Brave to Marry You in the Whole Yunzhou City?

At the gate of Su Clan's villa.

Su Ziyue got off from the car with no facial expression.

Since she was going to meet Su Youcheng, Su Ziyue, in a simple dress, chose not to wear any make-up or anything bright-colored. Hopefully, these slight changes could ease her grandfather’s anger a little bit. After all, other than being scolded, she came here with a purpose this day.

Taking a deep breath, Su Ziyue made big strides into the villa.

When she entered the hall, she saw the whole family sitting together with Su Youcheng in the middle, and Su Yige sitting obediently next to him. They were talking and laughing.

"Grandfather, I am back home," Su Ziyue greeted.

The smile on Su Youcheng's face disappeared immediately, and his eyebrows were tightly knotted as if he saw something disgusting. "Damn it! Do you still remember this is your home? I'm absent for only one day! Look what you have done!" he scolded.

Then, Su Youcheng threw a pile of photos in front of Su Ziyue. Those photos were taken exactly in the morning when she was sitting in the bed. Though these photos were not made public, still, they were real.

In the upper class, Su Ziyue was already notorious.

"Grandfather, I can explain for these photos," said Su Ziyue as she threw a glimpse at Su Yige, pretending to be unintentional.

These photos were real, but she had fallen into a trap set by Su Yige. Sadly, Su Ziyue knew that Su Youcheng would never believe the fact.

Su Youcheng suddenly stood up and pointed at Su Ziyue's nose, even jabbed his finger into her face. "Explain? Since your childhood, have you ever admitted any mistake you made? These photos showed everything clearly here! What else can you explain?" he yelled furiously.

'I know that! I know that! He is still what he was. He will always choose to believe Su Yige unconditionally,' Su Ziyue said to herself in mind and looked at Su Youcheng in a sarcastic way. "Why should I admit those mistakes which I did not make? " asked Su Ziyue.


Su Youcheng was so exasperated at her behavior that he slapped her with anger and yelled, "Till now, you are still so stubborn! Is that so hard for you to admit your mistakes? You are just the same as your father. You never know what confession means!"

Su Ziyue was almost beaten to the ground as Su Youcheng was in full force with the slap. Trying so hard to steady herself by holding on the back of the sofa, she still felt a buzzing sound in her ears.

Su Ziyue looked at Su Youcheng with shock, even her tone changed because of grievance. "Grandfather, my father is your son! Others have reasons not to believe him, but how could you not believe him, either? " she asked.

"Don’t mention that bastard! You two bastards are such a disgrace to Su Clan!" scolded Su Youcheng.

If Su Yige said these, Su Ziyue would definitely tear her mouth into pieces. But it was Su Youcheng, the most powerful man in Su Clan and also, the elder person Su Ziyue respected most.

Su Yige stood beside Su Youcheng and comforted him gently, "Grandfather, please don't get too angry. Ziyue is always like this. You know that, don’t you? She is still young and a little muddle-headed. "

"It is all because of this, so she needs to be tamed. I have forgiven her again and again, but she is still unrepentant!" said Su Youcheng.

'Forgive me? That is the last thing I want!' Su Ziyue thought in mind.

Her face was physically hurt, but her heart hurt even more.

Su Ziyue thought as long as she worked hard, one day, Su Youcheng would eventually warm up to her. However, when Su Yige came back, she gained Su Youcheng's trust simply with such lousy and flawed tricks.

This was never a home to Su Ziyue.

"I would never admit the mistake that I did not make! I would not leave this family, either. My father left shares for me. Now I am 22 years old. I am already an adult, so I have the right to inherit them! " said Su Ziyue.

"You…" Su Youcheng seemed not to expect that Su Ziyue would go against him in this way. His body was trembling because of anger then he yelled at her, “How dare you ask for shares? Who will be so brave to marry you in the whole Yunzhou City? If you want to get your shares back, go marry someone first!”

"But the shares are what I deserve!" said Su Ziyue. She really could not believe that Su Youcheng wanted to deduct the shares her father left for her in such a flagrant way.

"That is what Su Clan’s granddaughter deserves, but not what you deserve! "Su Youcheng looked at Su Ziyue with a gloomy face, thinking that this granddaughter was even more degenerate.

'So… Are you going to get me out of this family and deduct the shares owed to me? Really? ' Su Ziyue thought to herself.

It was summer outside, but Su Ziyue did feel thoroughly cold inside as if she was poured icy water from her head. She dared not say anything more at this moment as Su Youcheng was glaring at her as if she was his foe.

If she continued saying something to irritate him, he would probably chase her out of this family pennilessly.

Su Ziyue did not care about her identity as the second lady of Su Clan at all, but her father in jail did care.

"Grandfather, are you serious? As long as I get myself married, you must give me the shares."

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