Chapter 6 You Said to Marry Me, Didn’t You?

Su Youcheng squinted at her. Though he did not want to give her shares, he already gave his word out. What was done could not be undone.

“Of course! If you could find someone willing to marry you, the shares are yours!” said Su Youcheng.

“Thank you, grandfather.”

Su Ziyue smiled. ‘Even if everyone wants to bully me, I would never surrender!’ she said to herself in mind and bowed to Su Youcheng, then left with big strides.

Back in the car, Su Ziyue felt desperate.

She was already a notorious woman in the upper class. Even now, the rumor of her getting an abortion during high school still remained the topic of some very juicy gossip.

Yunzhou City was big, but it was really not easy to find someone willing to marry her.

Thinking of this, Su Ziyue could not concentrate on driving.

“Bang!” Su Ziyue finally came back to herself suddenly till her car rubbed the car beside. ‘Oh, my! Pay for compensation again!’ she moaned to herself.

Su Ziyue’s eyebrows were tightly knotted as she got off the car.

Rolls-Royce Phantom? More precisely, it was the worldwide limited presold one, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Limelight Collection!

Its market value was 14,000,000 yuan!

Before Su Ziyue started to apologize, the owner of Rolls-Royce had already got off the car.

Looking up at the car owner, Su Ziyue met his eyes, the ones as mysterious and tranquil as the mountain under the curtain of the night. She was surprised to see this familiar face, but next second, she called out his name, “Qin Muchen?”

‘What is his identity? Why could he afford this car? Even though he is rich, he also needs to have a certain social status to buy this car.’ Su Ziyue thought in mind.

Qin Muchen did not give any response but turned to look at his car. There was a very slight scratch on the car, but it was rather conspicuous on the smooth surface. Su Ziyue also noticed it. She could not help feeling embarrassed though she did her best to maintain her composure.

Not long ago, Su Ziyue said that if they met again, they should pretend not to know each other. However, now she was the one who bumped his car, and it was a Rolls-Royce! She didn’t even know whether it could be fixed or not.

“To obey the traffic rules is every driver’s duty,” Qin Muchen said in a calm voice, but the knotted eyebrows showed that he was not in a good mood.

“I’m sorry,” Su Ziyue immediately apologized as it was undeniably her fault. However, she still felt very uncomfortable as she was worrying more about how to fix the car. She also felt hurt for the vehicle.

With a slight surprise flashed through Qin Muchen’s dark eyes, he could not help looking at her carefully after hearing what she said.

He frowned again, seeing her red and swollen half face.

She got a pair of pretty eyes, glowing with attractive luster and passion. When she looked at the man intently, it seemed as if she was seducing him on purpose even though, in fact, she was not.

Su Ziyue’s eyelashes were long and curvy. With a prominent nose, snow-white teeth, rosy and slightly curved lips, she was a good-looking woman. Even if half of her face became red and swollen, her delicate features were not impaired.

Qin Muchen had seen numerous beautiful women, but he was still a little surprised at her beauty. For the first sight, she looked coquettish and foxy but actually…

He snapped his fingers subconsciously.

Feeling Qin Muchen’s line of sight, Su Ziyue stood aside to shade her red and swollen half face with her body.

However, Qin Muchen did not ask about her face but explained, “This is my friend’s car.”

“Ah?” Su Ziyue was stunned for one second and then realized what he was talking about. ‘His friend’s car?’ she asked in mind.

“So… this car…”

Qin Muchen interrupted her and raised his eyebrows to look at her and said, “I could tell my friend that it was me who rubbed the car by accident. So, what would you do to thank me for that?”

Su Ziyue was stunned by his eyes, and Su Youcheng’s words quickly flashed through her mind. She replied without thinking, “I can marry you in return.”


Loud sirens blew around and made Su Ziyue finally sober. ‘Qin Muchen must think that I’m crazy,’ she said to herself in mind.


“Let’s go,” Qin Muchen came to her car, opened the door, and got on as he was talking to her. Then he looked out from the car window and ordered, “Get on the car.”

With a reflex action, Su Ziyue obeyed his order; she got on the car and fastened the safety belt. “So… where are we going?” asked she.

“You said to marry me, didn’t you?” said he.

“Ah? So… where do we go?” She was still confused.

Qin Muchen raised his eyebrows while his eyes were glistening with small streamers. “Civil Affairs Bureau,” answered he.

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