Chapter 8 Sour Grapes

Su Ziyue was startled for moments thinking of the story of this pair of male slippers. Then she threw them into trash bin and washed her hands to pour water for Qin Muchen. “Well…”

“Let’s go shopping.” Qin Muchen interrupted as he seemed not to want to hear her explanation at all.

Su Ziyue put down the glass in her hand heavily which made a dull sound. ‘You do not want to hear my explanation? I do not want to explain, either!’

The sound caused Qin Muchen’s attention to her. He stared straightly at her without emotion and he even did not wink. But this really made Su Ziyue feel an inexplicable sense of pressure.

She only got this kind of feeling when she was with her grandfather.

Su Ziyue could not help but feel weird as she always felt that Qin Muchen was not so simple. She really did not know if it would be a weal or woe to be with him.

But, at this moment, it was the best choice to get married with him. Maybe they knew each other a little bit because of that night they spent together, though Su Ziyue still felt awkward and embarrassed.

‘Compared with Su Yige, Qin Muchen was obviously more like a good guy as he helped me to chase away the journalists that morning.’

When she was out of mind, Qin Muchen had already walked to the door and put on his shoes. He stared straightly at her with his deep and dark eyes and his voice was already with impatience, “Su Ziyue!”

Su Ziyue suddenly came back to her mind and quickly grabbed her bag to follow him.

Pushing the trolley, Qin Muchen walked by Su Ziyue and orderly headed to buy what he needed. Not for a while, he almost finished picking what he needed such as cup, toothbrush and slippers.

Then they went to the cashier desk to pay.

“By credit card.”

The cashier was a little hesitant seeing the two cards in front of her. Finally, she chose to take the card from handsome Qin Muchen.

‘He did not have money, did he? Whatever, men all care about vanity.’

Su Ziyue threw a glimpse at him then took her card back.

Back in the car, Su Ziyue asked, “Where did you live before? Do you need to go back to get your clothes?”

“No need.” Qin Muchen answered and started the car at the same time.

Not for a while, they stopped at the gate of a shopping mall.

Raising her head, Su Ziyue found that all the clothes sold in this shopping mall were high-ended or international famous brands. Most of them would worth over 10,000 yuan. Even the cheapest ones would worth several thousand yuan.

Touching her purse, Su Ziyue was a little worried. She just came back from abroad and bought the house by cutting expenses in food and clothes.

At the beginning, when Su Ziyue came to Su Clan, Su Youcheng actually treated her very well and never mistreated her on daily life expenses. Later, Su Youcheng began to dislike her because of Su Yige’s plot.

Su Ziyue always got less pocket money than Su Yige. For the new clothes of every season, they would always go for Su Yige to choose first and then Su Ziyue.

Compared with common families, several ten thousand RMB per month was not little for living expenses. But for Su Clan of such a high status in Yunzhou City, it was even less than a drop in the bucket.

Once stepping into the shopping mall, they got quite a lot attention because of their beauty.

Some wealthy ladies and girls even began to gossip.

“Who is that man? I did not see him before.”

“I do not know. But he is so handsome…”

“Didn’t you see the woman beside him? She looks so foxy! I really did not expect that he would prefer this kind!”

Su Ziyue touched her face and thought, ‘Foxy, huh? Is it my fault to be so beautiful?

You are just like the foxes that cannot reach the grapes then declare them to be sour.’

She leaned close to Qin Muchen, holding his arm, and said in an extremely gentle voice, “Honey, I am a little bit tired. I want to have a rest.”

“Have a rest here, then. I will go myself.” Qin Muchen answered with poker face but a slight of shrewdness flashed through his eyes.

“…” Su Ziyue was speechless. ‘Oh, my! What a man you are! I did not mean that!’

Su Ziyue stood still and the smile on her face disappeared. She gave him a hard look but, still, she did not let go of his arm and said, “No matter how tired I am, I will always accompany my dear husband to buy clothes.”

‘Though there is nothing more than a marriage certificate between us, still, he is my husband.’


A surprising voice came at this moment.

Su Ziyue raised her head and saw a familiar figure. Almost at the same time, she let go of Qin Muchen’s arm quickly.
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