Chapter 9 Ziyue, Yige Is Concerned About You

“Long time no see.”

Su Ziyue answered numbly. She just pinched her hands subconsciously to make herself sober.

By her side, Qin Muchen stared at his empty arm. His deep and dark eyes flickered and his thin lips zipped into a line.

He had a subtle expression of hostility, but immediately hid it, so that nobody noticed that.

“Yueyue, why don’t you introduce this gentleman to me?”

Qin Muchen got Su Ziyue by her shoulder naturally and flipped the long and curly hair flowing over her chest. They looked quite intimate.

The word, “Yueyue”, made Su Ziyue a little startled as no one called her like this since her father was put in prison.

Su Ziyue turned her head numbly and saw Qin Muchen’s motionless face. Finally, she realized that the man she was looking at was her newly married husband.

And it would never be possible for her to be with the man standing opposite to her…

Thanks to the troubles Su Ziyue got into during these years in the Su Clan, she learned fast and was very good at
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Yadne Enday
the story is vey nice but its also very expensive every chapter

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