Chapter 53 Sister-in-law, Big Bro Just Kicked Me

Su Ziyue was silent for two seconds and she silently let go of her hand.

She felt that what Anxia had said was very reasonable and she could not refute it at all.

As soon as Su Ziyue let go of her, Anxia rushed over, sending the message that she was going to fight Bai Jingshu with everything she got.

Bai Jingshu jumped behind Qin Muchen, poking his head half out as he looked at Anxia. "I don't hit women, so don't come over."

Anxia said with a fake smile, "Well, I'm still going to hit you. Don't you dare hit back."

"Woman, you are being unreasonable!" Bai Jingshu had never met a woman like Anxia who was both violent and unreasonable.

Fortunately, there were not many people on the floor of the CEO's office. Otherwise, they would have made a laughing stock.

Qin Muchen tilted his head and looked at Bai Jingshu's hand, which was grabbing his shoulder. His expression was gloomy as he said, "Let go."

Bai Jingshu immediately let go of his hand. He had known Qin Muchen for many years. T
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