Chapter 92 You Lying Little Devil

Su Ziyue, as if bewitched by his words, gradually relaxed.

Qin Muchen thought that the pants she was still wearing were making things inconvenient, so he lifted her hips and roughly took them off...

Su Ziyue cried out in surprise as she wrapped her arms around herself, shrinking into a ball.

The feeling of being naked made her feel insecure. She turned over and was about to bury herself under the quilt.

However, Qin Muchen never gave her the opportunity.

He grabbed ahold of her ankle with his rough hand, which felt so hot to her that it was as if he was about to burn her body.

Su Ziyue was pulled back by Qin Muchen. He bent one knee to open up a slight gap between her legs before he moved his other leg in to completely push her legs apart. She was forced to separate her legs and wrap them around his waist.

She did not know how everything had happened that night they first met. However, what she was going through at the moment was definitely a first. She felt both a little scared
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