Chapter 303

Everyone could tell that it was like cutting off a piece of meat on her body to make her divorce Zhengnan. Just thinking about it made it hard for her to bear it.

Even though she had no good feelings for this daughter-in-law, she still couldn't bear to do what she was going to do next.

Back then, the Lu family had allowed Mengyu to marry into the Lu family. They had half-forced her and now they were forcing her to leave Zhengnan. To be honest, this was a selfish act.

However, if she gave up this opportunity, Zhengnan might never wake up again. As his mother, she didn't want his son to suffer like this.

Thinking of this, Zhou Qiuyue hardened her heart and walked slowly to the woman. Her attitude toward her was unprecedentedly gentle.

"Mom knows that it will be very difficult for you to agree to divorce Zhengnan."

Zhou Qiuyue sighed heavily and then looked at Lu Zhengnan, staring at her son with a complicated expression.

When the woman saw Zhou Qiuyue's sad eyes and the worry betw
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