Chapter 362

After pausing for a few seconds, he saw that the other party didn't respond, so he explained, "Brother Chuan I'm talking about is your boss, Jiang Mochuan."

He thought that the woman could face him with her boss's name, but she still ignored him. She lowered her eyelashes and focused all her attention on her mobile phone.

Duan Qiang knew Tang Mengyu's name because Jiang Mochuan once mentioned that he met a talented designer in Ning City and said that he was very happy that she could come to work in An City.

Every time Tang Mengyu was mentioned, Jiang Mochuan would praise her. Even a fool could tell that he admired this woman very much and might have other feelings for her.

However, to Duan Qiang's surprise, Tang Mengyu was married and came to work in An City because she was pregnant. This news made him more interested in Tang Mengyu.

Duan Qiang did not take her indifferent attitude seriously. He suddenly leaned forward and put his face in front of her. He said in a playful tone, "
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