Chapter 425

"Mengyu." Jiang Mochuan's gentle voice came from behind her.

She quickly turned around and saw Jiang Mochuan walking toward her with a familiar smile on his face.

Jiang Mochuan glanced in the direction of Xu Youqin's departure and asked curiously, "Just now, I saw an acquaintance standing here talking to you, so I didn't dare to disturb you. Mengyu, how did you meet each other?"

Although Jiang Mochuan's confession after drinking had caused her to leave An City in a hurry, deep in her heart, she still regarded him as a friend who could talk about everything.

Since she had been discovered by him, there was no need for her to hide anything, so she told him the whole story.

At the end of her sentence, she pointed to the building behind her and said lightly, "I can get a result in three days, so I will know if I am her daughter."

Jiang Mochuan was very surprised to hear that. It was such a coincidence that Duan Qiang took a selfie and created an opportunity for the mother and daughter
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