Chapter 456

"You still speak for him until now?" Duan Tianhua's eyes were gloomy, and his expression became evil. "I can't let you suffer in the Lu Family. Come on, come home with me!"

"Relative-In-law, Mengyu's condition is not very convenient. Let's think about it for a long time." Old Master Lu stopped Duan Tianhua and continued to persuade him patiently.

Duan Tianhua looked at his enemy's face, and the anger in his heart grew even stronger. He said sternly, "Don't play tricks on me. I have to take Mengyu away today."

Seeing that his father-in-law was about to separate him from his wife, the blood in Lu Zhengnan's body was like boiling water. With an intolerable anger, it flowed all the way to his fingertips.

He rushed to his wife's side, grabbed her other hand, and said seriously, "I don't want to hurt Mengyu the most. For her, I can hurt the whole world!"

When he said these words, his black eyes narrowed fiercely, with a violent murderous aura, and the anger around him seemed to be able
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