Chapter 466

Xu Youqin sat in the living room for a while. When she was about to make an excuse to go to the kitchen to check if the dinner was ready, Duan Tianhua strode in.

Lu Zhengnan quickly stood up and said respectfully, "Dad, you're back."

Duan Tianhua snorted lightly as a greeting to his son-in-law. His expression was very serious, and his cold eyes indicated that he was in a bad mood at the moment. He frowned deeply and stared straight at Lu Zhengnan.

He could see that his father-in-law was hostile toward him, but he still looked calm and said politely, "I'm here to see Mengyu, and I'll give her something."

Hearing this, Duan Mengyu quickly answered, "I came back in a hurry this time, so I didn't bring enough tonics to keep the fetus safe."

"Oh," Duan Tianhua replied calmly. He did not show his true feelings in order not to make his daughter unhappy.

Worried that the two of them would have a conflict, Xu Youqin quickly asked everyone to go to the restaurant and said with a smile, "Th
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