Chapter 516

As for the report, Lu Zhengfen confessed. At the same time, she accurately explained the illegal methods, which were all in line with the situation of the police.

"Although I killed those people personally, they were all ordered by Duan Tianhua. I just obeyed his orders," Lu Zhengfen said coldly, her tone extremely firm.

"Are you sure?" The policeman narrowed his eyes and looked at her with disdain.

Lu Zhengfen snorted and replied, "What I said is true. If you don't believe me, you can ask Mo Shaotian."

At this time, Mo Shaotian was being interrogated in the interrogation room next to him. The police asked him all the crimes he had participated in, and he got a sure answer. It took almost no effort.

"Mo Shaotian, did you do all these things with Lu Zhengfen?" The policeman stared at him, afraid that he would deliberately hide something.

Mo Shaotian's eyes were cold and indifferent. He glanced sideways at the policeman and said lightly, "We have always cooperated very well. This t
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