Chapter 55

Liu Haoming was working in the hospital. In terms of scientific identification, he was the best person to help Tang Mengyu. He would not only provide reliable processes and results but also would keep her secret.

Tang Mengyu frowned deeply and asked, "When shall I meet him?"

Li Xiaoxian knew that she was anxious, and couldn't wait to hand Lu Zhengbei over to the police. However, collecting evidence would take time, and a lot of preparations to complete.

"He's quite busy lately. I've arranged to hang out with him in a few days. Hopefully, by then we will have that scumbag's semen and can ask him to test it. Mengyu, you need to collect the semen as soon as possible."

"Alright, that's it then. I'll go home and prepare for everything now." She pursed her lips, her eyes glowing brilliantly.

After saying goodbye to Li Xiaoxian, Tang Mengyu took a car back to the Lu Family's old mansion.

She had no idea if Lu Zhengbei would come to her again tonight. Just in case, she installed the pinh
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