Chapter 85

When Zhou Shaohui came to his senses, he instinctively tightened his embrace on the girl, caressed her cheek sympathetically, and then turned his head to stare at the crazy woman who had just intruded.

His reaction made Tang Mengxue even angrier, spurring her to pick up a teacup and pour its contents over the man. The brown liquid flowed from his face to his neck, and he looked exceptionally embarrassed.

"Zhou Shaohui, how dare you to fool around with another woman! Did you even spare a thought for how I would feel?!" Tang Mengxue raised her voice, her eyelashes trembling constantly as tears threatened to spill from her eyes.

"You b*tch!" Zhou Shaohui roared, the sound resonating in everyone's eardrums. "Get down off your high horse. You slept with other men while you were engaged. You're literally a whore willing to have sex with anyone."

Tang Mengxue had not expected such a comment about herself to come straight from Zhou Shaohui's mouth. The sense of suffocation overwhelmed her
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