Chapter 173

Mengyu looked deeply at the aloof man in front of her. The warm lighting shone on his handsome face at an angle and cast a faint shadow, making his facial features seem more distinctive.

She could not describe her feelings.

She felt melancholy, guilty, or something else. All in all, she had a mixture of emotions.

Would he agree to this request?

If he were to reject it, her original plan would go down the drain. What other way could she repay him?

And if he agreed, it meant that she would need to leave him soon.

Even though the temperature in the restaurant was warm and comfortable, she felt cold. The chill seemed to spread from her limbs into her bones.

Time seemed to crawl by as she waited for his answer.

"One is better than nothing. Offer him 6 million yuan, then." Lu Zhengnan replied calmly. She could not sense any emotion in his mature voice. He added, "Since he is paralyzed in bed, it's better for him to have more money on hand."

"There's no need for so much money! 5.5 mi
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