Chapter 227

"You'll be pretty too when you grow up," the man commented as he touched the little girl's head. He gave a doting grin and continued, "However, this big sister is still the prettiest now."

The woman's cheeks turned red upon hearing his words. She lowered her head coyly and gave the man a soft thump with her fist. She said softly, "Stop your nonsense."

"How is this nonsense? To me, you are the most beautiful woman in the world," the man answered her in a determined tone, as though he really meant what he said. A touch of blissfulness appeared between his brows.

"Big brother, did you say this because you like big sister? Mom always said that there's a Chinese saying that 'Beauty is in the eyes of beholder'. Is this what she meant?" The little girl spoke in a small voice, making her seem very adorable.

He could not help but praise the little girl secretly. Could this be the legendary "ultimate wingman"?

"You're right. I'm really interested in this big sister," he replied and took a g
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