Chapter 240

Lu Zhengnan frowned tightly, his eyes full of coldness.

"Zhengbei isn't very reliable and there's not enough time," he said word by word.

Indeed, even if he took the plane immediately, he would need at least a dozen hours to get from China to Los Angeles. The kidnappers had not yet given a specific time and place. If they wanted to meet in a few hours, Lu Zhengbei would not be able to appear in time.

"What's more, Lu Zhengbei isn't reliable or clever. He may be my Achilles' heel rather than a helping hand.

"I could have considered letting him come here, if Mengyu were not involved in it. Now there must be no mistakes!"

For Lu Zhengnan, what mattered most was his wife's safety rather than the protection of his identity.

Wang Yuhai knew his concerns and asked with an air of amusement, "Are you afraid that there might be some mistake that will make you lose your wife?"

Hearing this, Lu Zhengnan looked much sulkier and rolled his eyes.

"Isn't he rubbing salt in the wound?"

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