Chapter 248

In the hospital.

Zhaoshu quietly stood by the hospital bed, looking at Lu Zhengnan with a solemn expression.

The unconscious man’s long eyelashes gently lined his eyelids, and his brows furrowed deeply upon his pale face.

After the diagnosis, the doctor concluded that his coma was caused by excessive blood loss, and his life was not in danger.

Even so, Zhaoshu was still almost scared to death. “If any misfortune befell the Young Master, I would also be doomed.

“To save his wife, Young Master was oblivious to all risk. Should I say he is brave or bewitched?

“After so many years, this is the first time that he has behaved so recklessly. When he learned that Young Madam had been kidnapped, he seemed to be driven out of his senses.

“Maybe it’s normal that faced with the potential loss of one’s true love, instinct and intuition will overcome the brain and reason.”

Just as Zhaoshu was lost in his thoughts, Lu Zhengnan slowly opened eyes and asked in a deep, weak voice:

"Why am I he
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