Chapter 467 A Long Way To Get Married

After the meal, Yao Yiyi and Yao Ting brought the dishes into the kitchen.

Xing Rongrong and Yao Xiner wanted to help out in the kitchen at first but ended up getting driven out by Yao Yiyi in a tactful manner.

The two coordinated and worked together. As she washed the dishes, Yao Yiyi could not stop herself from saying, "Tingting, you embarrassed Rongrong earlier. She’s already a white-collar worker in the company and has shed her unsophisticated, immature attributes from the countryside. She cares about her reputation a lot You’ll embarrass her if you talk about her like that."

Yao Ting glanced at her, sneered, and said, "My dear, didn’t you notice any signs at all?"

"What signs?"

"My dear, should I say that you have become silly, or that your life has been too easy and uncomfortable that you take no precautions at all?"

"What do you mean?"

"You really didn’t notice Xing Rongrong’s odd gaze when she looked at Ou Qingheng?"

"I know that."

Yao Ting's eyes widened as she looked
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