Chapter 468 A Colleague From The Same Department Did It

After two days of having fun with each other, it was finally Monday—the day that every working person hated.

Naturally, Yao Yiyi was no exception.

Whilst lying down, she said with drowsy eyes, "When I wasn’t working back then, I used to be quite envious of those who can attend work and keep themselves occupied. Now that it’s my turn, I realize how blissful it is to be able to sleep in every single day."

Ou Qingheng came out of the bathroom. He found her awfully adorable when he saw that she was talking to herself whilst lying on the bed. He walked over and hit her buttocks that were under the blanket. He said, "Lazy piggy, it’s time to get up."

Yao Yiyi snuggled in Ou Qingheng's arms like a lazy kitten. After snuggling for quite some time, she bounced off the bed like a motor that had been recharged. She bolted into the bathroom straight away. Ou Qingheng thought that she looked extremely adorable hopping around like a baby rabbit.

Yao Yiyi washed up at the speed of light and went
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