Chapter 470 Fate Can Be Hard To Predict

Zhang Zhiling bit her lip and said, "Don't be like that, Brother Ou. Aunty said that you’ve lost a lot of weight lately. I asked the servants at home to slaughter the chicken at six o'clock and made this soup for you to make up for the lost nutrients in your body. For the sake of my hard work, just have some. Don’t let me down now."

"Zhang Zhiling, if you want to fish in troubled waters at work, then I don't think you’re fit to be a director. Ou Enterprises does not keep idlers. It’ll be better for you to go back to the Zhang's house and be the noble daughter that you are." Ou Qingheng pointed to the door and said mercilessly, "I don't need your ingratiation. Your pestering only annoys me. Get out."

Zhang Zhiling darted him an aggrieved glance.

"Must you be so cruel, Brother Ou?"

Ou Qingheng called Linda in to see her out. Surprisingly, another secretary came in. The secretary said cautiously, "President Ou, Linda has a stomachache and went to the toilet. She hasn’t returned yet. D
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