Chapter 472 Talking About Their Children

After taking a ride to one of the most upscale restaurants in the city, Yao Yiyi said to Feng Yixuan, "Boss, I'll give Qingheng a call. You can all go ahead and order the food first."

Feng Yixuan nodded.

Yao Yiyi went to the washroom and called Ou Qingheng.

"You got off work?" Ou Qingheng asked tenderly on the other end of the call.

"I have something to tell you, Qingheng. You can't be angry, though. Our boss came back from his business trip and said that he wants to treat everyone from our department to dinner and karaoke. It will also be a welcome party for me. I just joined the company, so it won’t be nice to have him give me any preferential treatment. I'm afraid I won’t be able to eat the fish fillet with pickled vegetables tonight. Can you make it for me some other day?" Yao Yiyi said as though discussing it with him.

"Where is it?"

Yao Yiyi's wheels failed to turn momentarily, and she asked, "What?"

"I’m sure your company won’t mind if you bring a family member, right?"

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