Chapter 474 Taking Care Of A Drunken Woman

Yao Yiyi had no interest in talking nonsense with Yang Kexin. She went around her and attempted to go out of the washroom. She was surprised to find that even though Yang Kexin was drunk, her strength was surprisingly strong. She flung herself at Yao Yiyi like a beast, knocking Yao Yiyi to the wall straight away.

Yao Yiyi let out a painful groan, thinking that there would certainly be a bruise behind her back.

She looked at Yang Kexin who was on her and could not help cursing in her heart. This wasted woman was simply an unreasonable lunatic. It must be her unlucky day to bump into a lunatic.

"Let me go, Yang Kexin," Yao Yiyi said through gritted teeth.

Yang Kexin raised her head and stared at Yao Yiyi who was close at hand with hazy and drunken eyes. She raised her hand and stroked Yao Yiyi’s cheek, asking dubiously, "Yao Yiyi, now that I look at you closely, you look just like me. Why does Qingheng prefer you but not me? I don't think I am any worse than you, so why does he just
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Kathy Pillans
I'm still waiting for an update it says its only 30 percent but I can't read any more its annoying
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Cynthia Lum
As a publisher, GOODNOVEL must stop supporting & punish authors who are not responsible⁉️ You betray us, your customers! This is not the only book that is hanging, I have read another book which is the same. BE RESPONSIBLE‼️ 🤬
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Cynthia Lum
GOODNOVEL as publisher, you must punish & stop supporting authors who are not responsible. You BETRAY your customers who pay to read your novels. This is NOT the only book that is hanging, I have read another that is the same 🤬
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