Chapter 5 You’re Well Aware of the Current Situation

"Yao Yiyi, do you know why I’ve been able to maintain our marriage after all these years?" Ou Qingheng asked after having a sip of wine.

"Isn't it because I'm your nominal wife?" Yao Yiyi replied with a smile.

"You know very well, President Ou, that I'm an avaricious woman. Come, let's toast to a wonderful night ahead."

Yao Yiyi raised her glass and said gracefully.

After making love, Yao Yiyi could not help but think that Ou Qingheng actually had feelings for her while she laid on his chest.

She then said in a seductive tone, "You're a very successful man, President Ou. No wonder so many women are head over heels for you."

Grabbing her hand, Ou Qingheng replied. "I'm fine as long as you're not one of them."

Gazing at him seductively, Yao Yiyi asked with a coy smile, "President Ou, why are you so afraid of me pestering you?"

Ou Qingheng replied coldly, "I don't like women who cry and pester."

Flashing him a flirtatious smile, Yao Yiyi propped her body up on her elbow and pressed her body against his, her eyes sparkling with an irresistible charm.

"President Ou, aren't you afraid that I'll be upset by your heartless words?"

SOu Qingheng stared intently at Yao Yiyi, who was as bewitching as a fairy, before confidently stating, "You won't."

Yao Yiyi continued smiling as she said sweetly, "That's true. What I love is your money. Compared to men, money always makes me feel more secure."

There was a slight change in Ou Qingheng's eyes as he replied, "I must say, you sure know how to make use of your money-obsessed behavior better than any other women."

Upon hearing this, Yao Yiyi's smile faded a little. The bitterness in her heart once again started spreading throughout her body.

Suddenly, she lost her enthusiasm to seduce Ou Qingheng and instead simply laid quietly on the bed.

Ou Qingheng was caught off guard and gave her a confused look. "What's wrong?"

Despite this, Yao Yiyi simply kept her eyes closed.

Turning over to face her, Ou Qingheng asked again with his head propped on his hand, "What's the matter with you? You looked fine just now."

Still keeping her eyes closed, Yao Yiyi asked him suddenly, "President Ou, will you believe me if I said that I've fallen for you?"

Ou Qingheng was taken aback by her words. However, a second later, he said with a cold expression, "I told you four years ago, that no matter what, you mustn’t fall in love with me. Our relationship is nothing more but that of an employer and an employee."

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