Chapter 9 Sign It

"If you don't have any objections regarding the agreement, sign your name on it. It will officially be yours once you sign the divorce papers next week," Ou Qingheng said.

Placing it back on the table, Yao Yiyi said with her usual smile, "You're a very generous man, President Ou. Being your wife is quite a blessing indeed. Don't worry, I'll be sure to sign my name on the divorce papers next week."

"That's good to know," Ou Qingheng replied.

Yao Yiyi beamed at him like a pretty flower.

"Once again, thank you in advance, President Ou," Yao Yiyi said.

"I have another meeting later, so I won't be joining you for lunch. This card is for you, order whatever you want to eat." Ou Qingheng took out one of his credit cards as he said this.

Yao Yiyi rose from her seat, then took the card and replied gladly, "Well then, I'll take my leave now. Are you coming home for dinner tonight? I'll ask Aunt Wu to prepare your favorite dishes."

"I have a business dinner tonight."

Knowing that he would be busy tonight, Yao Yiyi simply nodded. "Okay, then I'll be going now."

With that, Yao Yiyi walked out of the office confidently in her stilettos.

Sitting on the sofa, Ou Qingheng looked at Yao Yiyi's disappearing figure with mixed feelings. He continued staring in her direction even after she had closed the door. Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

After leaving the office, Yao Yiyi was soon seen leaving Ou Enterprises with a dignified and calm expression. The whole time, she was under the sympathetic yet schadenfreude gaze of the employees.

After getting into her car, Yao Yiyi finally took off her tough-guy mask and started crying uncontrollably, her body leaning on the steering wheel.

After crying for around five minutes, Yao Yiyi wiped away her tears and murmured, "Ou Qingheng, if you'd even just given me false hope, I would've been able to lie to myself that you actually love me."

After a long while, Yao Yiyi finally drove out of the parking lot.

Yao Yiyi then parked her car in front of a slightly old apartment before taking the keys out of the ignition and taking the elevator up.

After getting out of the elevator, Yao Yiyi stopped in front of Room 908 and knocked on the door. "Tingting, are you home?"

Half a minute later, the door opened and a woman with messy hair who was dressed in a set of bear pajamas appeared in front of Yao Yiyi.

"Yao Yiyi, I stayed up writing until 3.30 am yesterday, and only went to sleep at 4 am. Did you really have to come over at noon?! I'm so sleepy." This woman, whom Yao Yiyi referred to as 'Tingting', was Yao Ting. Although she shared the same surname as Yao Yiyi, they were not blood-related. Them having the same surname was purely a coincidence.

Without asking for her permission, Yao Yiyi went inside and slipped on a pair of slippers. When she saw the level of 'chaos' inside, she could not help but twitch her lips and say, "Tingting, you're a lady for God's sake. You should clean up the place no matter how lazy you are. How am I even supposed to walk in here?"

Without acknowledging her, Yao Ting simply walked into her bedroom and climbed back into her bed.

Shaking her head, Yao Yiyi could only accept her defeat and started cleaning up the place which was, at that point, no better than a rubbish dump.

An hour passed before she finished cleaning.

Wiping a bead of sweat from her forehead, Yao Yiyi muttered under her breath, "Yao Ting, you damn lazy woman, just how lazy can you be?!"

Tossing the dishcloth into the dustbin, Yao Yiyi washed her hands and stepped into the bedroom.

"Time to wake up, Tingting. I've already ordered takeout along with two dozen cans of beer. Please accompany me for a drink later," Yao Yiyi said.

Forced herself to open her eyes, Yao Ting looked at her sleepily and said with a voice tinged with annoyance, "What happened between you and Ou Qingheng this time?"

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