The Light of Young Master Mu's Life
The Light of Young Master Mu's Life
Author: Novem Diem

Chapter 1 Divorce, Over My Dead Body

"I want a divorce." Gu Anran was disheartened as she looked at the impeccably handsome man who drove every woman crazy.

Mu Zhanbei, the most popular ladies-man in Beijing, looked mysterious, noble, and exceptionally fine. Unfortunately, he was not destined for her.

After three years of marriage and her countless effort, she had exhausted her every means to get him to love her. However, he still did not reciprocate her love. Three years later, on that very day, Gu Anran was tired, and her heart had died. She had completely given up hope.

"Divorce me, and I'll set you free. We'll have nothing to do with each other from here onward."

There was no emotion on Mu Zhanbei's impassive face. He remained silent for about two seconds before he picked up the pen abruptly and scribbled on the paper. Then he stood up and strode away as if he had no care in the world. All the smitten ladies in the cafe stared at his trail as his tall and attractive back disappeared from their view.

He had always been like that. Nothing she did could ever stir a ripple in his heart. Even though it hurt her heart, she decided that she should set him free. The pain was akin to a knife in her heart.

Gu Anran walked out of the cafe, and her phone rang as she strolled along the road.

"Second Sister," she greeted the caller as the call connected. Gu Anran bit her lips and continued to speak in a low voice, "I listened to you and got him to sign the divorce paper."

"Did he really sign it?" The voice of Gu Weizi from the other end of the call had a hint of hidden excitement and joy.

Gu Anran frowned and wondered about that. "Yes, he signed it. Second Sister, you…"

"Hahaha, Gu Anran, you'd really ask for a divorce from Mu Zhanbei. Hahaha, you fool!"

"Second Sister, what do you mean?" Gu Anran asked as she furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. She was a little alarmed by the situation.

"Nothing much. I'm just delighted! You and Mu Zhanbei are finally divorced. Now, I have the chance to be with him. So, of course, I'm happy."

Gu Weizi stood at the top of the opposite building as she laughed so hard that she could hardly breathe. "Why do you think Mu Zhanbei had always been distracted and indifferent to you?"

"Why?" Gu Anran's hand clenched tightly around the phone. At that moment, she had stepped onto a busy street unknowingly.

"It was because he had always believed that you were the one who caused his brother's death. Do you think he will treat a woman who had harmed his brother so kindly?"

"I did not!" Gu Anran yelled in a fury, "Fengjin's death had nothing to do with me, it was you… you?"

Gu Anran's eyes opened wide in terror as realization struck her. "It was you! Gu Weizi, you were the one behind it!"

"So what if it was me? Do you want to tell Mu Zhanbei? Unfortunately, you're too late for that." Gu Weizi laughed creepily, and her voice sounded as if it came from an abhorrent being from hell.

"I won't let you off so easily! Gu Weizi, you have always worn a mask, you have been lying to me all along!" Gu Anran regretted that it had been too late when she knew about the truth!

"I'm afraid that you won't have the chance to do that." Gu Weizi stared at the slender figure on the street below her as an atrocious smile crept onto her thin lips. "Look to your left."

Subconsciously, Gu Anran followed the command and looked to her left. As her head turned, in that split second, a loud explosion rang in her ears.

Pain! An unabated, sharp pain convulsed through her body.

Her body imitated the descent of a falling leaf in the air, and finally, it dropped to the ground. A truck had run over her, and it rendered her into a state of stupor.

Familiar visions and glimpses of the past flashed through her mind like a movie.

She had been obsessed with Mu Zhanbei for almost half of her life. However, he had never given her a warm look in return. If I had the chance to live again, I would never love you. I would never fall in love with a man who could not return my love...

Those words were in Gu Anran's thoughts as her eyes slowly drifted shut.

She did not see how the good-looking Young Master Mu, who drove the ladies around him crazy, rushed out from the crowd to hold her broken body in his arms.

She also did not see how the god-like man, whom everyone adored, had a rare layer of moisture in his eyes.

Finally, she did not see the divorce agreement that fell from her bag and the four words on the line where Mu Zhanbei should have signed his name - over my dead body!

Gu Anran's body temperature gradually dropped as the last breath of air escaped her lungs.
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