Chapter 2 Young Madam Held the Young Master Hostage

Gu Anran found herself born again.

Her warm body was in a deep V evening gown, and she had exaggerated makeup on her face. The clock on the wall showed that it was twelve minutes to eight! Her heart raced as she remembered why her surroundings seemed so familiar to her!

She had been reborn as her eighteenth-year-old teenage self. That night was the party to celebrate her engagement to Mu Zhanbei.

In her past life, she had been drugged and framed during that engagement party. Mu Zhanbei's people had found her grotesquely entangled with two male makeup artists.

Even though the intruders had managed to halt the flagrant act to protect her virtue, everyone had known about that incident, and she had been infamous since then!

Even though Mu Zhanbei was willing to marry her to fulfill his grandmother's last wish, he had never cast another warm look at her from then onward.

At that moment, she realized that she was only two minutes away from the biggest tragedy that was to happen in her life!

Gu Anran squeezed her hands tighter in an attempt to clear her thoughts and to focus on the pain. Then, step by step, she edged toward the door.

However, she heard voices from outside the door before she could open it. She stopped and stood very still so that she could listen to them. "Be careful, and make sure to blame it on that person afterward."

"Yes, Second Young Miss. Rest assured that no one will ever know about your involvement in this matter," the man replied.

Gu Weizi's soft voice came through the door again. "I'll transfer the remaining balance to you once this mission is successful. You all know the consequences if this mission should fail."

"We will make no mistake! Please wait for our good news, Second Young Miss."

Gu Anran clenched her fists even tighter as she could channel all the tension onto her knuckles. She had never doubted Gu Weizi in her past life. It had never occurred to her that Gu Weizi would plot against her from the very beginning!

Her body became hotter and hotter, and Gu Anran panicked. Oh god, if this continues, I would not be able to fight them off later when they come in.

After they had raped her, they could easily say that she was the one who initiated the intimacy. She could not stay there any longer; she would have to run!

The dressing room was connected to the lounge next door. Gu Anran picked up an eyebrow razor as her weapon for self-defense before she made her way to the door that was connected to the lounge.

Just as she was about to close the door behind her, the entrance to the dressing room was pushed ajar. The two male makeup artists came through the door. "Where is she?" "Let's check if she is in the washroom."

Gu Anran quickly pushed the lounge door open and then stumbled down the long corridor toward the elevator.

She heard the voice of one of the male makeup artists as she entered the elevator. "Damn it, the woman escaped! Go after her!"

The engagement party was held in a hotel. At that moment, the hall on the first floor of the hotel was filled with guests.

Gu Anran was already drugged. She did not know what would happen when she lost control of her mind to the drugs. She could barely stay conscious, but she managed to take the elevator to the basement carpark.

She knew that she had to leave at all costs. Unexpectedly, she saw a car with its doors open nearby.

She gritted her teeth and stumbled into the car. She saw a guy in the car, and so she held the razor to his neck. With a hoarse voice, she said, "Start the car. Leave now. Quick!"

The guy frowned as his beautiful, ink-black eyes dipped down to look at the lady who had threatened him with a razor against his neck. He glared at her with a cold scowl.

Gu Anran felt chills all over her body. That man was cold and aloof!

Two men rushed out of the elevator. It was apparent that they were still looking for Gu Anran.

Gu Anran did not even have time to study the guy in front of her. She pulled the car door closed with a bang and continued to hold the razor against his neck. "Tell him to start driving!"

"Eldest Young Master…" Li Ye, who was in the driver seat, was dumbfounded.

The future young mistress had held the young master hostage. What… what had happened?

Finally, Gu Anran had the chance to take a good look at the guy that she had subdued. His exquisite looks scared her, and her hands trembled. The eyebrow razor accidentally made a shallow line on his neck, and a thin line of blood trickled down.

Oh god! How could she have been so 'lucky' to have randomly picked the car of the leading man for the engagement party that night? He was the guy that she had vowed never to fall in love with again as she laid dying in her past life—Mu Zhanbei!
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