Chapter 4 Be Good

SCREEEEEECH! Li Ye's hands shook as the car careened and almost hit the curb at the shoulder of the road.

Such audacity! That was really presumptuous of her! No woman had ever dared to be so rude to Eldest Young Master! Would he throw her out of the car?

Gu Anran squinted her eyes to stare at the handsome face of the man right in front of her. Her breathing got faster and harder. "I feel hot..."

However, Mu Zhanbei was as cold as he always been. His long digits touched her chin, and as his five fingers squeezed, he cupped her head in his hands. "Who did this to you?"

It was their engagement day. He had no feelings for his fiancee, but if someone had pulled a prank on her, then it was definitely an act to challenge him!

He narrowed his eyes, and a dangerous glint appeared in his eyes. "Was it the two men that we saw just now?"

How could Gu Anran answer his question? After she struggled and broke away from his grip, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hard…

Once again, Li Ye was startled by what had happened, and the steering wheel on his hands almost deviated.

Did someone kiss Eldest Young Master... forcefully?

"Gu Anran, do you know what you are doing?" Mu Zhanbei pushed her away, yet again. There were finally cracks on his usual cold expression.

How would she dare to force her kisses on him! Who gave the lady that much courage to do just that? "How dare… you!"

Soon after that, Mu Zhanbei realized that the lady in his embrace was a ticking time bomb.

He pinned her hand down again. However, his voice was a bit hoarse when he said, "Don't you dare move again!"

"I..." The lady was restless as one of her hands had been pinned down. Mu Zhanben took a deep breath. A man who could stay calm even when a mountain tumbled in front of him had finally cracked. He had given away his poker face as he panicked. "Find a place to stop the car!"

Li Ye broke out in cold sweat. He had freaked out too. Before he could find a suitable place to stop the car, he heard the future Young Madam said as she cried, "Can't undo this! Bastard, I can't undo this!"

He peeked at the rear mirror.

It looked like she was under the control of the drug. Her body was warm, and her face was so flushed that it looked as if blood could drip out of it. When he saw her in that state, the cold-hearted Mu Zhanbei felt a hint of sympathy for her.

His large palm pressed down onto her small hands as he commanded, "Be good and stop squirming."

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